Rosy Cheeks Tips ‘n Tricks

Organizing tips just for you!

Tackle your junk drawer! – Remove all contents from the drawer and trash any junk you may find. Group “like” items together and place them in containers/drawer trays (I recommend square/rectangular). Go through this process once a month.

If you like to clip out coupons or have gift cards you haven’t yet used, buy a filing system to store and keep them in order. Keep the filing system in your car or someplace that will help trigger you have them. Most importantly, remember to use them so you can save that money! 

 Treat your car like a portable household holding all your essentials. Maintain a routine to keep you car neat and tidy. This will provide a more fun and relaxing drive as you’re on the go.

 Clothespins are any easy way to mark stains on dirty clothes. Designate a container to store them in or pin them on your laundry hamper!

 Keep all keys (home, office, car, etc.) in one place. I recommend a key rack near your front door or a bowl on top of a counter.

Dedicate 15 minutes to clean out your refrigerator. Take everything out and place on the kitchen counter. Clean the inside of the fridge with sanitary wipes. Throw away anything that is outdated or you don’t use. Put all “like” items together such as fruits, veges, condiments, dairy, etc. HAVE FUN!

Sock Drawer: Empty your sock drawer onto your bed. Throw out any socks that don’t have a match or you haven’t worn in six months to one year. Socks you keep can be arranged by color or length.

Take 10 minutes to go through all pots and pans in your kitchen. If they are rusted, cracking, etc., throw them out. Purchase pot and pan racks that can easily be installed on walls or in cabinets. This will allow you to keep them visible and tidy.

Take 20 minutes to organize your closet by dress attire and color–this will help to visualize outfits and keep track of what you own. Purchase hanging racks for shoes, scarves, and purses. Nothing should be on the floor. Let me know how you do!

In the laundry room, keep all cleaning supplies in an open-top storage container. This will allow you to see what you have and prevent bottles from spilling!

Egg cartons make great jewelry organizers – cut them in half and stick in any drawer.

Need more counter space? Add wall shelves to any room and be amazed!

For optimal kitchen organization store flours, sugar, cereal, etc., in containers.

Hang pots and pans from nails on the wall or add extra shelves in cabinets.

When storing food in the refrigerator, label all containers and reserve a section for each food category.

Keep your closet organized by dress attire and color–this will help to visualize outfits and keep track of what you own.

Avoid paper clutter by sorting your mail near a trash can or recycling bin.

When traveling by airplane, keep all your essentials such as your wallet, passport, medications, snacks, travelers checks, etc., in a designated backpack or purse. 

Maintain a daily “to do” list either on paper or electronically. This helps relieve any pressure or stress that you are forgetting to complete an important task. As you finish a task, simply mark it off or delete it from your list. 

If you have a family, hang a dry-erase calendar near the back door to keep track of activities during the week. You can even designate a color to each member of your family! 



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